Constructions: Foundation – Piles, monolithic grid.

  External walls: 1st - 4th floor – reinforced concrete panels with heat insulation, manufactured by "TMB".

  Partition walls in apartments: light concrete laying / dry plaster plates on metallic framework.

  Ceilings: hollow reinforced concrete panels with sound insulation and levelling layer.


PremisesFloorWallsCeilingAdditional notesDoors
Anteroom (1st floor) Ceramic tiles, tile skirting board Painted Painted Lighting is switched on by movement detectors. Possibility to build a wheelchair lift. Metallic with glazing. Automatic (code) lock (entrance door)
Stairs Concrete, painted Painted Painted Lighting is switched on by movement detectors, painted metallic rails. Metallic, painted.
Stair landings Tiled, tile skirting board Painted Painted Lighting is switched on by movement detectors  

 Floors 1-4Additional notes
Apartment entrance door Veneered Equipped with a lock. Oak veneer (Natural oak)
Inner doors Veneered Oak veneer (Natural oak/ White oak/ Grey oak). Fittings - frosted aluminum, one-sided locks (WC, bathrooms)
Flooring Tiles in WC, bathrooms, kitchens and halls, parquet in living rooms Ceramic tiles. Parquet Par-ky Pro Trendy OAKS
Windows PHV tripple-glazed windows Two-position opening, winter ventilation position
Window sills Laminate, painted  
Balcony doors PHV, tripple-glazed windows Opening, winter ventilation position
Balconies Concrete  
Terraces Composite deck  
Balcony and terrace railing Zinc-coated metal, painted  
Partition walls in apartments Masonry, plasterboard Puttied, painted
WC and bathroom equipment WC and bathroom equipment (ROCA, GROHE, BALTECO bathtubs) manufactured in the EU Bathrooms and WC in all apartments are equipped with a sink, toilet bowl, bathtub or shower, according to the project
Heating Heating will be provided from one heating station located in the attic, each apartment has a heat meter Radiators in the apartments ( white – PURMO) equipped with regulators
Water supply and sewerage Connection to the city network Cold and hot water meters in each apartment
Electric power supply 2-3 double electrical outlets in every room (according to the electric supply design) Electric power consumption meters located in the staircase. Lighting fixtures (matt chrome) are installed only in bathrooms and WC. Other lighting fixtures shall be installed by the buyer at his own discretion and at his own expense
Low current networks TV and internet cable channels installed in each apartment. 1 TV outlet in the living room The clients may select an Internet and TV service provider agreeing the selection made with the house manager
Security and fire-safety alarm systems Fire-safety alarm system installed in the heating station in the attic. Apartments have outlets required for installation of security alarm system The clients will install equipment at their discretion and connect to the security system agreeing it with the house manager
Ventilation In the kitchens there will be possible to connect air suction hoods to a separate air duct, air suction ventilators can be installed in bathrooms and WC The clients themselves will connect air suction devices
Squares and pathways   Squares intended for motor transport are asphalted, pathways for pedestrians are paved or asphalted. The territory is illuminated.
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