Plan of houses


1. stage
17 four-storey buildings, each with 14 apartments. The project is being implemented gradually. The construction of the first stage - 4 houses was started in October 2005, currently 9 buildings have been put into operation and are fully occupied.

2. stage
5 four-storey buildings, each with 14 apartments. Construction works started in June 2017. Currently put into exploitation and already inhabited. .There are also available apartments in this building phase.

3. stage
3 four-storey buildings, each with 14 apartments. All buildings have been put into exploitation and are inhabited. It is also possible to buy an apartment in these buildings.

The houses are built of prefabricated reinforced concrete sandwich-type panels manufactured according to the Scandinavian technology. In the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors there will be two 2-room and two 3-room apartments in each floor, each apartment having a balcony. In the 4th floor there will be two 4-room apartments having balcony and a terrace.

Engineering systems
A gas-fuelled boiler will be installed in the attic of each house; radiators with thermo-regulation; each apartment will have its own heat consumption meter. Ventilation through ventilation ducts installed for each room individually.

Alarsm system - apartments are connected to the switchboard of a security company, City water supply line, sewage system and electrical supply. Each apartment will have its own water consumption meter.

Quiet and green neighbourhood, wll-equiped territory - paved roads and pedestrian ways with border-stones, wide lawns, greenery planted along the perimeter, decorative bushes, walkways. Spacious common-use areas.

Bišumuiža is located in Komētas Street, not far from the Road Traffic Safety Directorate in Bausas Street.

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